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Consider joining the greatest team ever, become a Disciple of Christ! Join us for Aldersgate’s 2016 – 2017 fall basketball season and spend some quality time in God’s presence. Please review the eligibility information below before submitting your registration form and if you aren’t sure, please contact Ruth Hughes at 380-8706 to find out if you qualify. If you are already registered, please skip to the bottom of this page for schedule information.

Eligibility Information


  • Members of any United Methodist church in Greenville.
  • Friends and visitors, who have been active in a sponsoring church’s worship, SS, UMYF or choir before November 1st and who are participating at least 50 % of the time or better.
  • Someone who has moved into the area during the season and joins the church or one of it’s activities.
  • UM churches, who have only a few players in an age group may join with another UM church, but they must all join the same team.
  • Friends and visitors, who are members or active participants of other churches, but find that their home church does not have a basketball program or team in their age-level. A special “Pastor’s Appeal” form must be filled out to verify this information. *

*Playing as a Pastor Appeal exception will only be considered if a team is low in numbers. Members and Active Participants of the host church will be placed first. Then if there is room on the team we will consider Pastor Appeal players on a first come, first serve basis. This category also excludes the player from participating in the UMC State Basketball tournament, as their rules do not reflect this modification.


  • Players who are trying out or have made a school ball team.
  • Friends and visitors who belong to other churches, that already have basketball programs in place. It is not our place to compete with another church’s program.
  • Friends who have not been active in our program and have no desire to become members.

Registration Fees

Instructional Mites (6 yr. olds) – cannot have reached 7th birthday before Sept. 1st

*Mites (7 & 8 yr. olds) – cannot have reached 9th birthday before Sept. 1st

*It is the practice at Aldersgate to try and provide both, a boy’s team and a girl’s team at the Mites level. There is a separate division within the GDUMRA league for girl teams that gives them an opportunity for increased skills training.

Midget Boys & Girls (9 & 10 yr. olds) – cannot have reached 11th birthday before Sept. 1st

Junior Boys & Girls (11 – 13 yr. olds) – cannot have reached 14th birthday before Sept. 1st

Senior Boys & Girls (14 –18 yr. olds) – cannot have reached 19th birthday before Sept. 1st

Men 35 and Under/Men Over 35 – $45

Practices begin by or before the first full week of November.

So far so good…?

Next, comes the registration form. At first glance, it looks a little intimidating. We do ask for a great deal of information, as it helps make the start up work a little easier. Please try and fill in as much info as possible, so we don’t have to track you down later. Of special attention, are the sections on t-shirt orders, email address, insurance and areas of volunteer service.

This year will have forms available at Family Connection, on Sunday mornings in classrooms and the mail slot in the office area. You may also print out a registration form below.

For a registration form: please click here.
If you are playing as an “Active Participant” rather than as a full member, please download an Active Participation Form as well.

Schedule information – Schedules for the fall of ’15, directions to the gyms or weather updates/cancellations will be added soon.

Now for those questions I know you are going to have….

Who are the coaches and when are the practices?
We are currently working on placing coaches. If you would be interested in volunteering in the area, please give Ruth a call or send her an email to the address below.

  • Instructional Mites –
  • Mite Boys/Girls/Coed –
  • Midget Girls –
  • Midget Boys –
  • Junior Girls –
  • Junior Boys –
  • Senior Girls –
  • Senior Boys –

My child has a birthday after the November 1st age-restriction deadline, which makes him or her old enough for both age-level teams. Can they go ahead and move up?
No. It is the policy of Aldersgate UMC to play a child on his/her lower age-level team based on his/her age before November 1st. For example, if Zoe turns 15 after November 1st, she will still play on the Junior team (12-14). The only exception to this rule would be if the older team did not have enough players to form a team and the younger team would not suffer from the change. This is done on a case by case basis and with the approval of both of the coaches and parents involved.

What is the situation with school ball teams? Check with your principal to determine if your school will have C-teams this year. Please remember that your child is not eligible to play for the church if he/she is trying out for or has made the school team. Because the school try-outs ran so late last year, a repeat of this schedule may mean that your child will have to wait to play until January, if he/she does not make the school team.

If you would like to access or have a full copy of Aldersgate’s policies or the GDUMRA League rules and guidelines, please check the website or contact Ruth Hughes at 864-244-1820.

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