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Missions & Outreach


I was able to travel with an Aldersgate Team in 2011 to Panama. It was one of the greatest and most meaningful experiences of my life. We were able to minister to a village deep in the jungles pf Panama bringing them the love of Christ through our teaching and actions…. The worship services were amazing and though there was a language barrier, we were all worshiping Christ and needed no translator.” AUMC Member


The Attaways

We had the privilege of serving in Thailand from 2013 through 2017.  Since returning to the states, we have maintained close connection with our team members and Thai students.  One of the most rewarding things has been the opportunity to lead summer discernment trips back to Thailand with college students discovering to what and where God is calling them.  In addition, we speak at universities, churches and with individuals who are seeking to find their place in Missions.  Where is God calling you?

The Datwylers

The Boones

More information about International Mission Trips: www.umvim.org


“Missions made me feel closer to God, as I get to help the people that may be of need. It gives me a great feeling to be able to make a difference in somebody’s life. God wants us to reach out and serve others, Love thy Neighbor as yourself.” AUMC Member

An intergenerational group from Aldersgate goes annually to Kentucky on the Redbird Mission.

11866392_733555753423038_7582558532957649387_n“Helping out at the Triune Mercy Center soup kitchen, visiting shut-ins, working at the garage sales and tutoring at Lake Forest Elementary have all been meaningful experiences for me. I am reminded of how blessed I am, and my life is enriched by all of the wonderful people I have met.” AUMC Member

Members of Aldersgate are involved in the organizations below – volunteering their time and/or donating financially. You will hear about specific projects through our newsletter, the weekly church bulletin and from your Sunday school class leaders and the other organizations and small groups at Aldersgate.

If you are looking for more volunteer opportunities in our local community – visit the United Way volunteer clearinghouse: www.handsongreenville.org


“Missions help me to grow through going out and seeing what others are living. It gives me a feeling of self worth that I hope to pass on. Any talents that I might have need to be used and not hidden away.” AUMC Member


Salkehatchie Summer Service is a pioneering servant ministry at selected sites in South Carolina involving high school and college age youth, adult community leaders and persons of different cultures in upgrading housing, motivating community cooperative efforts by helping persons to help themselves, and providing all participants with opportunities for personal growth and service.

Epworth Childrens Home

Since 1896, Epworth Children’s Home has been a place for children to grow, learn and be loved. Children ages four – 18 come to us from broken family systems and our goal is to nurture and love them by providing education, counseling, medical care and spiritual enrichment. Our aim is to break the destructive cycle of abuse, neglect and shame and replace it with an opportunity for each child to live a life of self-respect, responsibility and productivity.