Children’s Ministries

Our Children’s Ministries programs are where discipleship training begins. Starting as early as our nursery and preschool-aged children, we have developed facilities and curriculum to encourage children to feel God’s love and learn how to be disciples of Christ. Our elementary-age program seeks to teach the children fundamental scripture and Bible stories using several types of learning styles.

During this time of COVID, we are not currently offering Sunday morning or nursery programming.  The recommendations of the CDC are our guidelines.  As they change, we will update our policies as well.  The safety and spiritual health of our children is our highest priority.

At Aldersgate United Methodist Church, we believe that children are a blessing from God. It is our goal to share God’s love with our children and create a fun and loving experience in our nursery and preschool programs for both the children and their parents.

We encourage all parents of infants, toddlers and preschoolers and anyone with a heart for children to serve in our nursery/preschool. If you are interested in volunteering, please notify a nursery staff person or call the church office (244-1820 ext. 204). We follow Safe Sanctuary guidelines at Aldersgate, which includes background checks and policy training. Opportunities for this training are provided through out the year.

The Nursery Team

Comprised of team leaders, paid workers and volunteers – is committed to providing a safe, caring and nurturing Christian environment for your child so that you feel comfortable about your child’s well-being while you attend worship service and other programs here at Aldersgate.

Care is provided during both services for newborns through age K5 . By the time they reach school age, we have special resources to help them to participate in our worship services. Sunday School classes are provided for K3 through K5. It is our mission that every time an opportunity for study, service, or worship takes place at Aldersgate that we provide child care.

Our Nursery/Pre-school ministry is located in the classroom area below the sanctuary. Access to this area is through a door to the left of the main sanctuary door, upstairs in the Commons area.


A safe and nurturing environment for our children.
A place where God’s presence is felt.
A place where parents can interact with each other on behalf of their children.

We welcome any questions, concerns or suggestions you might have that will help our nursery and preschool ministries continue to grow and be a welcoming place for all church members and visitors. Please contact Johannah Myers or Ruth Hughes at (864) 244-1820.


Our purpose for establishing this Policy for the Protection of Children, Youth, and Vulnerable Adults and accompanying procedures is to demonstrate our total and unwavering commitment to the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of all our children, youth and vulnerable adults (a person 18 years or older who may be unable to take care of him or herself or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation).


Aldersgate United Methodist Church hereby pledges to conduct the ministry of Jesus Christ in ways that ensure the physical and emotional safety and spiritual growth of all of our children and youth as well as all of our workers with children and youth. We will follow reasonable safety measures when selecting and recruiting workers; we will implement appropriate operational procedures in all areas of programming and care; we will train our workers with children and youth on our procedures and policies; and we will have a clearly defined procedure for reporting a suspected incident of abuse consistent with South Carolina state law.

Download Complete Safe Sanctuary Policy

Aldersgate charters Cub Scout Pack 256, which meets every Monday from 6:30 to 7:30. Cub Scouts is for boys age 6-10 with special provisions available for age 5 boys and other siblings. We also have Boy Scout Troop 256, which meets on Tuesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30. Both groups meet in the Aldersgate Youth House next to the church. If anyone is interested or has questions they may come to any meeting in person or may contact Ruth Hughes at 864-244-1820 (Ext. 204).

Check out the Scout Pack Website for Pack 256!

Vacation Bible School

Our theme for this summer’s Vacation Bible School is Come To The Table With Jesus. It practically yells SUPPER, so instead of a morning celebration, we will be meeting at the church from 5 – 7 pm the week of July 25th – 28th.

If you have already made family vacation plans that week, we are working on an activity bag that will contain the week’s projects and stories. You can still join us for a little fun in the sun.

We are limiting the size of the group this year – to ensure we have enough volunteers. Please register as early as you can to claim your spot. Know anyone else that might be interested? Feel free to forward the link on. If you are available during these evenings and can help, we would be most appreciative.

Ruth Hughes
864-244-1820 Ext 204

Aldersgate Child Development Center

We promote social, physical, intellectual and spiritual growth for our children by providing a loving, Christian environment, implementing play-based, hands-on learning and maintaining a close partnership between the teachers and parents.


Welcome to the Visioneers’ Page! We are a ministry made specifically for our 3rd and 4th graders to help them explore the Bible – beyond Sunday school. At this stage, they are fairly accomplished readers and we think that’s a great time to start encouraging them to read the Bible for themselves. In fact, we gift our third graders, each fall, with a Bible and a workbook called Finding Your Way Through The Bible. It’s a fun way to explore what is between the front and back covers.


Our Visioneer program happens on the first Sunday of each month (during the school year) from 5:00 – 6:30 PM (no dinner served).  We meet in the Youth Loft for programming, which is located along the hallway next to the gym.  Please contact Ruth Hughes at 244-1820 ext. 204 for more information.

Club 56 Ministry

Club 56 is a ministry created just for our 5th and 6th graders to help them learn about and practice their discipleship skills. Our program uses five distinct core practices: fellowship, evangelism, worship, service and discipleship to develop these young people into the leadership roles we hope they will one day take on in the church. We combine games, bible study, art, drama and acts of service – to create a worship experience for this dynamic age group.

Our curriculum is a two-year rotational program – using the themes of “Building Disciples” and “Traveling Toward Discipleship”. Since it’s inception in 2005, we have found that most participants in Club 56 are better prepared for entrance into the older youth group and for their year of confirmation classes beginning in the 6th grade. Most choose to be involved in leadership roles earlier as well.


Our 56 program is on Sunday nights (during the school year) from 5:00 – 6:30 PM (no dinner served).
We meet in the Youth Loft for programming, which is located along the hallway next to the gym.. Please contact Ruth Hughes at 244-1820 ext. 204 for more information.

Funny Money

Aldersgate UMC is a host church for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University classes for adults. The Ramsey group also has a resource for children called Financial Peace Junior, based on some of the same topics as the adult version. The earlier a child learns about money and how to manage it, the more likely they are to remain out of debt during their adult years.


For more information about Financial Peace Junior visit Dave Ramsey’s online store

Children’s Music Ministry

Our children’s choirs meet during the school year as a part of our Wednesday night Connect Program (September – May).

We have two age groups; the Cherub Choir (preschool age) and the Children’s Choir (1st – 6th Grade). All types of music are explored – vocal and instrumental and the choirs are given several opportunities to help lead in worship through out the season.

There is nothing more worshipful than voices praising God!

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